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CRR Carbon Resources Recovery SC LLC, which uses recycled tires to manufacture renewable energy products, plans to invest $20 million in a new Anderson County facility that will employ 30 people, the S.C. Department of Commerce announced Friday.

The Commerce Department said CRR would work in a joint venture with an unnamed partner that can design, finance, develop, construct, operate and manage large-scale energy projects. Additional details about the joint venture and CRR were unavailable.

Read the full article from GSA Business.

The Upstate SC Alliance would like to congratulate Greenville Area Development Corporation on the following project: 

Technology firm investing $3.5 million in new equipment

Sencorables LLC, a developer of diversified IoT (Internet of Things) products, today announced its plans for an expansion of its Greenville County operations. The company is expected to invest $3.5 million and create 25 jobs over the next three years.
Incorporated in 2015, Sencorables' principle objective is to use its patented and fundamentally-unique way of digital sensing to develop, in close cooperation with industry partners, a variety of IoT products. The company's current focus is on its flagship products, Sencorfloors™ and Sencormats™, which detect presence, movement and direction of individual people in real-time.
Located at 1040 Thousand Oaks Boulevard in Greenville, S.C., Sencorables will add 25 jobs in the IoT development fields over the next three years and invest in new equipment at its Greenville research and development center. Hiring is expected to begin in the third quarter of 2017, and interested applicants should visit the company's website for more information.
"Our unique way of sensing enables us to use the floor, the most natural and central data source, as a competitive sensor for the first time, at a very attractive cost point. The data generated is more accurate and comprehensive than other sources and can replace many sensors currently in use. The same technology can be embedded and used in a variety of other products, industries and verticals, such as healthcare, bedding or automotive industries. Our vision is to, in close cooperation with specialized industry partners, develop unique products for those that make use of our technology. We found some of our partners right here in Greenville County." -Sencorables CEO Willem Biesheuvel
"South Carolina continues to lead the way in innovation, and Sencorables' latest investment in Greenville County is further proof of that. Our state is a place where companies of all kinds can find success, and we're excited to see what the future holds for Sencorables." -Gov. Henry McMaster
"The technology sector represents a vital part of South Carolina's economic present and future, and we are excited to see a great company like Sencorables continue its growth. This $3.5 million investment and the 25 new jobs they are creating will make a big difference in Greenville County, and I look forward to watching them succeed for years to come." -Secretary of Commerce Bobby Hitt
"Greenville, South Carolina is a hotbed for innovation with its talented workforce and community resources. We are grateful to have Sencorables expand its operations here, and look forward to the company's future success." -Greenville County Councilman Fred Payne

  • Sencorables LLC is expanding its Greenville County operations.
  • $3.5 million investment to create 25 new jobs.
  • Sencorables is a developer of diversified Internet of Things (IoT) products. 
  • The company is located at 1040 Thousand Oaks Boulevard in Greenville, S.C. 
  • Hiring is expected to begin in the third quarter of 2017, and interested applicants should visit the company's website for more information

Company investing $3.2 million in new operations, creating 300 new jobs

ChartSpan Medical Technologies, Inc., a healthcare data company, is establishing operations in downtown Greenville, S.C. The development is expected to bring $3.2 million in capital investment and lead to the creation of 300 new jobs.
Founded in 2013 as a participant in Greenville's NEXT Innovation Center, ChartSpan is a healthcare company that specializes in patient engagement technology and medical managed services. The company allows doctors and patients to engage with each other through mobile applications, portals and chronic care services.
Located at 2 North Main St. in downtown Greenville, ChartSpan's new facility is comprised of nearly 100,000 square-feet of office space and will support the company's clinical support operations.
The Coordinating Council for Economic Development has approved job development credits related to this project. For more information on ChartSpan, visit
"This is an unbelievably exciting moment in ChartSpan's evolution. We have a deep love and affinity for Greenville. The S.C. Department of Commerce, the Greenville Department of Economic Development, NEXT and Greenville city leaders have helped us every step of the way. Our ability to expand in the downtown area is a reflection of a remarkably strong and collaborative partnership established for businesses in the NEXT program and supported by the Greenville Area Development Corporation." - ChartSpan CEO and Co-Founder Jon-Michial Carter
"ChartSpan's $3.2 million investment, and the 300 new jobs it will create, will have a huge impact in Greenville and across the state, and we couldn't be more excited to continue this partnership and watch them succeed here for a very long time." -Gov. Nikki Haley
"Providing the support and infrastructure necessary for our entrepreneurial, technology-based companies to grow is critical to the future of our economy. For this reason, the South Carolina Office of Innovation continues to support organizations like the NEXT Innovation Center, which was a grant recipient during our recent Innovation Challenge. I offer my congratulations to both NEXT and ChartSpan on this remarkable announcement and look forward to supporting both as they continue to create jobs and opportunities in our state." -Secretary of Commerce Bobby Hitt
"Greenville County continues to grow and support cutting-edge technology companies like ChartSpan because of our high quality of life, well-educated workforce and innovative business sector. We are thrilled to see ChartSpan's entrepreneurial spirit and efforts lead to this expansion here in Greenville." -Greenville County Council Chairman Dr. Bob Taylor
FIVE FAST FACTS             

  • ChartSpan launching new operations in Greenville County.
  • $3.2 million to create 300 new jobs.
  • ChartSpan is a healthcare data company which specializes in patient engagement technology. 
  • New operations will be located at 2 North Main St. in downtown Greenville. 
  • For more information on ChartSpan, visit


Automotive supplier investing $5.8 million to expand production capacity in Spartanburg County 

Röchling Automotive USA LLP, a North American subsidiary of Rӧchling Automotive Group, is expanding its operations in Spartanburg County. The company is investing $5.8 million in the facility, which serves as its North American headquarters, creating 25 new jobs in Duncan, S.C.
Rӧchling Group is a Germany-based firm, which can trace its history back to 1822. Focusing on the automotive industry, the company provides automobile manufacturers with solutions for lower aerodynamic drag, better thermal management and improved sound, making the best out of its competencies in plastics and system expertise.
To accommodate new business and increased customer demand, Röchling Automotive USA LLP is investing in new equipment at its Spartanburg County facility, which will allow the company to accommodate higher production volumes. Located at 245 Parkway East in Duncan, the new machinery is expected to be fully operational in early 2016.
Hiring for the new positions is currently underway. Those interested in joining the Röchling Automotive USA LLP team should visit the company's careers page online. For more information on the company, visit

"Spartanburg County has been home to our North American Headquarters for nearly 15 years, and we are glad to continue our growth here. As our company has expanded over the years, the support of both the State of South Carolina and Spartanburg County has been greatly appreciated. Rӧchling Automotive is dedicated to providing industry-leading products to our customers, and we are doing it very successfully with our talented local employee base. We believe that continuing to invest in our existing facilities will keep our company on the leading edge of automotive thermoplastic process technologies and position us well for sustained growth." -Rӧchling Automotive USA LLP Vice President Justin White 
"The success of great corporate citizens like Rӧchling motivates Team South Carolina to keep fighting for tax relief, education reform and workforce training so we can keep our economic development momentum going. Rӧchling's expansion is a win for Duncan, a win for Spartanburg County and a win for the entire state." -Gov. Nikki Haley 
"It's exciting to see another one of South Carolina's existing businesses grow its footprint in our state. We celebrate Rӧchling's decision to invest $5.8 million in its Spartanburg County operations, adding to the tremendous economic growth taking place within our Upstate community." -Secretary of Commerce Bobby Hitt

"Few projects give Spartanburg County as much pleasure as seeing one of our existing companies continue to grow, diversify and expand as Röchling Automotive has done over the years. With this investment comes a physical expansion into a vacant 150,000-square-foot facility and the addition of several well-paying jobs. We are proud to have Roechling call Spartanburg home for their North American Headquarters. They are a great corporate citizen, and we are thankful for the hundreds of jobs they create in our community." - David Britt, chairman of the Economic Recruitment and Development Committee of Spartanburg County and member of the Economic Futures Group Board

Company investing $2 million to open facility in Greenville County

Sutera USA, LLC, a firm specializing in semi underground waste and recycling collection systems, is establishing operations at 55 Commerce Center in Greenville, S.C. The company is investing $2 million in the facility, creating 20 new jobs in the Upstate.
Sutera produces a semi underground waste and recycling collection system that reinvents and revolutionizes waste industry in the United States. Established in 2013 and headquartered in the Upstate, Sutera's product features locally-produced standard precast concrete wells, PVC-coated polyester fabric six cubic-yard bags, several lid options and a fully-customizable visible exterior. As a rapidly growing firm, the company also operates a regional sales office in Ontario, Canada.
An environmentally and economically-friendly alternative to traditional dumpsters, the Sutera system uses a vertical semi underground waste disposal design. The Sutera philosophy of saving time, money and the environment is embodied in the product they have created.
Estimated units in the field are expected to expand to 10,000 within the next five years. Sutera is committed to the continued advancement of its product and service through research and development activities, by engaging our regional universities to assist in evolving Sutera's containment system integration with advancing segregation and recovery systems.
For more information on Sutera USA, LLC, visit 

"Sutera USA is pleased to demonstrate our continued commitment to South Carolina and the surrounding area by focusing in Greenville the development of our semi underground waste and recyclable material containment systems. Our innovative alternative technology offers critical solutions for containment; the first stage in responsible waste and recycling management programs. We are excited to see that the Sutera technology and our associated servicing activities are in complete harmony and supportive of the growing regional recycling industry." -Sutera President Bernie Melloul            
"The fact that Sutera has decided to expand operations at its Greenville headquarters is a huge win for South Carolina, and we couldn't be more excited to watch this company continue to succeed here." Gov. Nikki Haley
"With a thriving recycling industry, South Carolina is home to more than 500 recycling firms, and we're thrilled that Sutera is part of that impressive roster. I offer my congratulations to Sutera on their success in the Upstate and across North America and look forward to watching them grow in South Carolina for many years to come." -Secretary of Commerce Bobby Hitt

"Sutera is a thriving company looking to improve the recycling and waste industry. We enjoy these assignments where we help facilitate growth and expansion for successful companies with a unique offering." -Greenville County Council Chairman Dr. Bob Taylor

Company investing $20 million to expand and Upgrade Union County facility

Haemonetics (NYSE: HAE), the global leader in blood management solutions, is expanding its existing operations in Union County. The company is investing nearly $20 million in the expansion, which is expected to create 40 new jobs over the next five years. 
Established in 1971 and headquartered in Braintree, Mass., Haemonetics operates facilities on four continents across the globe, employing almost 4,000 workers worldwide. The company has a comprehensive portfolio of devices, information management and consulting services, serving each facet of the blood supply chain - from plasma and blood collectors to hospitals.
Haemonetics recently celebrated 20 years at its current Union County site, which is located at 155 Medical Sciences Drive in Union, SC. In this latest investment, the company will be expanding the existing facility by 3,000 square-feet, as well as making significant upgrades to plant equipment and infrastructure.
Products manufactured at the Union County site are required for plasmapheresis, during which the raw material in life saving plasma therapies is collected. Therapies treat a variety of disease states including immune deficiencies, hemophilia, and other blood disorders.  
Improvements to the facility and hiring for the 40 new positions is already underway. Those interested in joining the Haemonetics team should visit the company's careers page online. For more information on Haemonetics Corporation, visit
The Coordinating Council for Economic Development has approved a $400,000 Rural Infrastructure Fund grant to Union County to assist with the cost of real property improvements. The Council has also approved job development credits related to the project.
"The South Carolina community has been an integral partner in our manufacturing operations for the last 20 years, and our decision to further invest in the Union facility reflects upon the diverse pool of talent, partners and resources that South Carolina has to offer. I look forward to continuing our strategy of continuous improvement and manufacturing excellence in Union, helping to further support our global product lines." -Haemonetics Corporation CEO Ron Gelbman
"Haemonetics has been doing business in South Carolina for 20 years, and it's exciting to see this great company make the decision to expand here. This nearly $20 million investment, and the 40 new jobs it will bring to Union County, is a testament to Haemonetics' commitment to South Carolina, and we look forward to watching its continued success here for many years to come." -Gov. Nikki Haley
"South Carolina continues to stand out as a leader in the manufacturing renaissance, and today's announcement by Haemonetics is a testament to that. From planes and cars to tires and medical devices, the people of this state have shown that they produce first-class products, attracting investment from both existing and new industry alike." -Secretary of Commerce Bobby Hitt 
"Haemonetics continues to be a great corporate partner for Union County and we are very excited about their additional investment in our community.  We view this expansion as further confirmation that Union County continues to be a great place to do business in South Carolina. We are appreciative and proud to support their investment and job creation efforts now and in the future." -Union County Supervisor and Chairman of County Council Frank Hart
"Haemonetics is a staple in Union County with more than 20 years at its current location. It has been my pleasure working with the Haemonetics management team, Department of Commerce, and our local officials on this investment of approximately 20 million dollars for our community and 40 career opportunities for our citizens.  Thank you, Haemonetics, for your continued commitment and support of Union County." -Union County Development Board Chairman Joe Nichols


“We believe this agreement signifies the solid mutual trust Toray has been building with Boeing through the stable supply of high quality carbon fiber materials since the 1970s,” said Akihiro Nikkaku, president of Toray Industries, in a statement. “It also reflects Boeing’s recognition of our world-class technology and firm commitments to expanding composites application to aircraft.”

Toray’s plant represents the largest-ever investment made in a new production facility in South Carolina. It will be built on a 400-acre site the company purchased from Spartanburg-based Pacolet Milliken Enterprises near the intersection of highways 290 and 221 in Moore.

The company said the plant will be state-of-the-art and will create at least 500 jobs. Preparation work at the site is underway.

Nash said he expects the company will break ground on the building next year. The plant is anticipated to be up and running by spring 2017.

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Michelin announced the world’s first-of-its-kind facility in the Upstate to build the Tweel, an airless radial tire that never goes flat.

The facility will open Nov. 20 on Griffin Road in Piedmont. It is the 10th Michelin plant in South Carolina and 16th in the United States.

Michelin representatives will hold a ceremony next Thursday at 10:30 a.m.

The Tweel was introduced last year for skid-steer loaders. Michelin announced a partnership with John Deere last month to produce the tire-wheel hybrid for the tractor company’s ZTRAK 900 model.

Read the full article from the Upstate Business Journal here.

CreatiVasc Medical to move manufacturing from Boston, merge with Brookhaven Medical and Texas firm | Upstate Business Journal

CreatiVasc, designer of a vascular device used for dialysis, announced at the SCBIO conference this week that it will design and manufacture its devices in South Carolina, moving from Boston.

Brookhaven Medical, which invested $5 million in CreatiVasc last year, will merge with CreatiVasc and Texas-based FutureMatrix Interventional in November, said Brookhaven CEO John Feltman. CreatiVasc and Brookhaven are set to merge initially by Nov. 7. FutureMatrix Interventional produces balloons used in catheters and other medical devices.

After FDA approval of CreatiVasc’s Hemoaccess Valve System, Brookhaven expects to have an initial public offering, probably in early 2016, said Feltman.

The Hemoaccess Valve System works as an on/off switch to provide blood flow to a graft needed during dialysis. The valve provides blood flow on demand rather than all the time, which often causes failure when a patient comes for dialysis.

CreatiVasc CEO Steve Johnson said that the device was one of three nationwide selected for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Innovation Pathway, speeding up the process of approval for use. It was also classified as a device “with no predicate in the world,” said Johnson.

There has been little innovation in the field of dialysis in the last three decades, said Johnson. “They [FDA] are intent on speeding this product to the market because of the need in the market.”

Research from Spartanburg's Wofford College was highlighted by Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes on October 5, 2014.

Anderson Cooper meets Chaser, a dog who can identify over a thousand toys, and the scientists who are studying the brain of man's best friend


Chaser the border collie to be featured on '60 Minutes' | Article

Chaser the border collie — famous for having the largest vocabulary of any known dog — and her owner, Wofford College professor John Pilley, will be featured on this Sunday's edition of “60 Minutes” with Anderson Cooper.

Chaser has learned the names of more than 1,000 objects through training and repetition with Pilley, who is professor emeritus of psychology at Wofford.

Chaser knows the difference between nouns and verbs, and can group similar items into categories like Frisbees and balls. The dog's 1,022-word vocabulary surpassed the vocabulary of Rico, a border collie from Germany that knew roughly 200 words.

Pilley and a research partner published findings about Chaser in a scientific journal, leading to a media frenzy surrounding the border collie and her word-recognition abilities.

Then, Pilley's book, “Chaser: Unlocking the Genius of the Dog Who Knows a Thousand Words,” was published in November 2013.

“We were interested in doing a story about research on dogs,” Cooper said during his visit to Wofford's campus in February. “Chaser's name pops up pretty quickly. Chaser is amazing. It's incredible what she's learned.”