Aerospace Cluster

Aviation and aerospace companies are soaring to success in Upstate South Carolina. Attracted by our strengths in materials research and manufacturing, engineering and workforce training, companies such as GE Aviation, Lockheed Martin, Michelin, Cytec and Champion Aerospace proudly call the Upstate home. And with our proximity to major OEMS, such as the Boeing facility in Charleston and Gulfstream in Savannah, the Upstate is a strategic location for subcontractors and suppliers.

The Aerospace cluster in South Carolina employs more than 54,000 people. Aerospace companies succeed in Upstate South Carolina because of our strong synergies with the regional AutomotiveAdvanced Materials and Wind Energy/Drive Train technologies sectors.


Aerospace in Upstate SC

There are more than 400 aviation and aerospace-related companies in South Carolina, and more than 38% of them are located in the Upstate. Some of these companies include:
•  GE Aviation - high-pressure turbine-blades
•  Toray Industries - carbon fiber
•  Lockheed Martin - commercial and military aircraft maintenance and modification
•  Michelin Tire - aircraft tires
•  Cytec - carbon fibers and aircraft components
•  Champion Aerospace - aerospace ignition systems and airframe components 
•  Ranger Aerospace - private equity consolidator in aviation services

View directory of Upstate Aerospace companies | View directory of South Carolina Aerospace companies
Perspective from Solar Atmospheres: Why Upstate South Carolina?

Workforce & Training

South Carolina has a strong workforce development system. Highlighted by the SC Technical College System and readySC™ program, it is capable of rapidly preparing and retraining workers for new manufacturing systems, such as those potentially required by aerospace manufacturing operations.  For almost 50 years, readySC™, has been recognized as one of the nation's premier and most-experienced workforce training programs. Operated through the SC Technical College System, it provides customized workforce training at little or no cost to companies located in the area. 

Learn more about workforce programs that serve the Upstate's growing industries.

Specialty Training

Upstate South Carolina is home to four technical colleges focused on serving the needs of local business and industry. The technical college system works hand-in-hand with its affiliate programs: readySC™Apprenticeship Carolina™  and QuickJobs Carolina™, so companies located in the area can take full advantage of the extensive education and training network.
The technical college system in the Upstate offers multiple aerospace related degrees and certificates, including:
  • Associate's in Aircraft Maintenance Technology
  • Certificate in Aviation Powerplant Theory/Systems
  • Certificate in Aviation Airframe Structure & Systems
  • Certificate in Aviation Fundamentals  
Specialty training is also available through the following:

Research Support and Aviation Assets

The Upstate is a worldwide leader in the research and manufacturing of advanced materials. The Upstate has one of the highest number of engineers per capita.  Home to highly trained graduates, world-renowned professors and a dynamic workforce, we have the capabilities to research, develop and perfect cutting-edge technologies in some of our state-of-the-art research facilities. These include: the Composites Manufacturing Technology Center, the Center for Advanced Engineering Fibers & Films, and The McNair Center for Aerospace Innovation and Research.

is a unique, leading-edge business and technology airpark located in Upstate South Carolina. SCTAC’s 2,600 acres are recognized as a major aircraft maintenance and modification center, with an 8,000 foot-long runway, it can handle virtually any aircraft and has a Category 1 Instrument Landing System. It is well-suited for aviation MRO and other aviation-related business needs.


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