Established in 2003, The Upstate South Carolina Educational Foundation, Inc. is a fully-chartered 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation totally separate from Upstate SC Alliance but operating to support and benefit the ten-county regional economic development organization.
It is governed by a separate board of directors comprised of recognized leaders in business, industry, and government.
The Foundation was established as a support mechanism to ensure that the regional economic development organization can maintain, at a high level, its marketing and branding efforts to position the Upstate Area for success. The Foundation acts to accelerate both the quality and quantity of economic growth and employment opportunities in Upstate South Carolina, by conducting the following activities:
  • The undertaking of studies and research, compilation of the results, and publication thereof through any appropriate media
  • The conduction of training courses, seminars, discussion groups, forums, panels, lectures and the like with various businesses and organizations in the Upstate area
  • Any activity which tends to promote understanding, unification, or improved relationships between different economic or ethnic groups, as the Upstate continues to become a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic urban area at significant proportions
  • Creation of special committees and task forces to study and deal with related issues facing Upstate South Carolina whether it be economics, infrastructure issues, revitalization, cultural activities, acclimation to the Upstate by various international groups, or discovery of resources offered by the Upstate
The Foundation provides financial support to the regional development organization beyond that which can be obtained from public sector and private sector funding sources.
The Foundation acquires its funding through charitable contributions from businesses, industries, foundations, organizations, and individuals.
These tax-deductible contributions are made by cash, real or personal property, securities, bequests, or by naming the Foundation as beneficiary of insurance policies or trusts.
Gifts are designated or unrestricted and are made on a one-time basis or spread over several years.
For more information or to make a gift, please contact Lauren Scoggins, Director of Investor Relations, 864.283.2305,
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