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Verdae Properties, LLC

History Over the past forty years or so, John D. Hollingsworth, Jr. quietly went about arnassing the largest holding of privately owned land in South Carolina. His belief in sound stewardship of this earth led to the planting of pine trees on all of his open lands. Today, undeveloped Hollingsworth properties still hold pine forests that have been managed for timber production. Verdae was established in 1983 as a wholly owned subsidiary to develop and manage Mr. Hollingsworth’s lands. Through he passed away in 2000, Verdae continues to manage large parcels across the state, and does so with the same sense of stewardship as its founder. Vision The vision of Verdae. Here will be a lifestyle complex to live and work and shop, while immersed in the beauty of the green lands of Verdae. When interstate 85 cut through this stretch of Greenville County, it gave easy access to property that had remained virtually untouched for decades. Yet Verdae did not rush forward to develop this land. Rather, with the stewardship of seasoned caretakers, progress has been made with great thoughts and much planning. What was raw farmland, when purchased in the 1940’s, evolved into this forested stretch that today holds a golf course, resort hotel, technological office park…and great promise for high-end retail and residential additions to come. Verdae welcomes forward thinking business to share the vision of Verdae. Rick Sumerel President & COO 124 Verdae Blvd Suite 105 Greenville SC 29607 (864) 329-9292 Ph (864) 627-8072 Fax
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124 Verdae Boulevard, Suite 202, Greenville SC 29607